02 July 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Just finish watching “How to Train Your Dragon”, its a nice movie, 5 star from me. In the story, the village is often attacked by dragon, and all the villager is fighting dragons for years. Every boy in the village is expected to grow up as a dragon killer. However, Hiccup, the boy, who is very poor in killing dragon, found his way to “train” his dragon, Toothless and become a best friend to Toothless. This boy tells us that, sometimes we should not force ourself to become what everyone is expecting, be you as who you are, believe in yourself and if you really do your best, one day, you will success. And the part of the whole village fighting with dragons for years, remind us that we should try to understand our enemy. It is always better to have another friend rather than another enemy. War is not always the best solution.

And some nice wallpaper http://wallpaperfrenzy.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-train-your-dragon.html

30 June 2010

1st post

Just finish setup the blog, and its around 4am in the morning, and I still cannot sleep. I do try to sleep, but my mind still active after I lay for around 30 minutes. Maybe its because I take coffee when I have dinner just now. So, decide to setup this blog. I have this idea for some quite some time, that I want to create a blog where I can write when I have the passion to write.

This is the 1st post, and I think I should do some introduction about myself. Previously, I am an electrical engineer, doing mostly about electronic circuit, microcontroller programming and robotic. Around August 2009, I quite my job, setup a company, and decide to earn through internet advertising program. I do have few website, and currently still working very hard to improve the traffic and increase the profit from adsense. I work at home, and doing mostly the content of my websites.