30 June 2010

1st post

Just finish setup the blog, and its around 4am in the morning, and I still cannot sleep. I do try to sleep, but my mind still active after I lay for around 30 minutes. Maybe its because I take coffee when I have dinner just now. So, decide to setup this blog. I have this idea for some quite some time, that I want to create a blog where I can write when I have the passion to write.

This is the 1st post, and I think I should do some introduction about myself. Previously, I am an electrical engineer, doing mostly about electronic circuit, microcontroller programming and robotic. Around August 2009, I quite my job, setup a company, and decide to earn through internet advertising program. I do have few website, and currently still working very hard to improve the traffic and increase the profit from adsense. I work at home, and doing mostly the content of my websites.