31 December 2011

Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011

Very nice compilation of UFO videos. Believe it or not!

13 December 2011

A** A*** Joke, Uncle Tony F ...

"Spare a thought for Uncle Tony F, Chief Executive of 'Air Asia"......

Arriving in a hotel in KL Sentral he went to the bar and asked for a pint of
draught Guinness. The barman nodded and said, "That will be one Ringgit
please, Uncle Tony."

Somewhat taken aback, Uncle Tony replied, "That's very cheap," and handed over
his money.

"Well, we try to stay ahead of the competition", said the
barman. "And we are serving free pints every Wednesday evening
from 6 until 8. We have the cheapest draught in Asia"

"That is remarkable value" Uncle Tony comments

"I see you don't seem to have a glass, so you'll probably need one of ours.
That will be 3 Ringgit please."

Uncle Tony scowled, but paid up. He took his drink and walked towards a seat.
"Ah, you want to sit down?" said the barman. "That'll be an extra 2 Ringgit
You could have pre-book the seat, and it would have only cost you a Ringgit"

"I think you may to be too big for the seat sir, can I ask you to sit in this
frame please"
Uncle Tony attempts to sit down but the frame is too small and when
he can't squeeze in
he complains "Nobody would fit in that little frame".

"I'm afraid if you can't fit in the frame you'll have to pay an extra
surcharge of RM 4
for your seat sir"

Tony swore to himself, but paid up. "I see that you have brought your
laptop with you" added the barman. "And since that wasn't pre-booked
either, that will be another 3 Ringgit"

Uncle Tony was so annoyed that he walked back to the bar, slammed his drink on
the counter, and yelled, "This is ridiculous, I want to speak to the

"Ah, I see you want to use the counter," says the barman, "that will
be 2 Ringgit please." Uncle's face was red with rage.

"Do you know who I am?"

"Of course I do Mr Fernandes

"I've had enough, What sort of Hotel is this? I come in for a quiet drink
and you treat me like this. I insist on speaking to a manager!"

"Here is his E mail address, or if you wish, you can contact him
between 9 and 9.10
every morning, Monday to Tuesday at this free phone number. Calls are free,
until they are answered, then there is a talking charge of only 10 sen
per second provided you use Tune Talk using other mobile carriers
would incur our normal charges of 30 Sen per second

"I will never use this bar again"

"OK Uncle , but remember, we are the only bar in Asia selling pints
for one Ringgit...so that Now everyone can drink "

11 December 2011

Gigabyte GM-M7700B Mouse

I recently ordered a Gigabyte GM-M7700B bluetooth mouse at price RM40 + RM10 (very cheap bluetooth mouse) shipping from lelong. It reached my house yesterday, and I've been using it for around 1 day.

The Poslaju package that reach my house:

09 December 2011

Tricky Spot the Differences

Very tricky spot the differences. Try to find the 8 differences in the two pictures.

08 December 2011

那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You Are The Apple Of My Eye)

I just watch 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 (You Are The Apple Of My Eye). For me it is really a very nice movie. It makes me think back my teenage years, puppy love, things we do at school, old friends, ...
Trailer of the movie:

12 November 2011

Ubuntu: Change The Location for Maximize, Minimize and Close Button

If you are switching from Windows to ubuntu, you will definitely not very happy with the location for Maximize, Minimize and Close button for the windows under ubuntu. For ubuntu 10.04, 10.10, 11.04, and 11.10, the default location for Maximize, Minimize and Close button is on the top left of the windows which is opposite for Windows which is on the top right of the windows. File explorer in ubuntu:

Very Nice Hey Soul Sister by Madison Alexis

Very nice version of Hey Soul Sister by very cute girl, Madison Alexis. Click on the link above to visit her facebook page.

05 November 2011

Try to Search for "do a barrel roll" on Google

Someone share about this on facebook, that if you search for "do a barrel roll" on Google you will see something interesting. I tried, and it is really something interesting.

So, what will actually happen is the whole search result page will do a barrel roll, something like these:

Try it!

Post Grad (2009)

I just finish watching Post Grad. You can click on the link above for more information about the movie. I give 4 star out of 5 for that movie.

The story is about a cute girl called Ryden Malby, graduated from collage and starts to look for job. She concentrate and worry a lot about her future, jobs, and forgets about her "cute" family and people around her. One phrase I like the most from the movie is:

What you do with your life is really just one half of the equation. The other half, the more important half really, is who you're with when you're doing it.

What the movie are trying to say is sometimes we forgot about the most important thing and person in our life. Once we start getting busy in our work/job, we will forget about our family, ignoring the most important things in our life. 

30 October 2011

This is How a Paradigm is Created

Click on the image to view larger size. The story somehow tells the situations that normally happen on human. There are lots of times that we don't know why we'll have to obey some rules, or "how things are done". So, are you one of the monkeys?

28 October 2011

I Received My Casio EF-341L-1AV

In my previous post, I talked about this Casio watch (http://jdx7071.blogspot.com/2011/10/casio-ef-341l-1av.html) that I wish to buy. And last few days, I finally made my decision and bought this watch from a forumer at forum.lowyat.net. The price of the watch is RM280 and he gave me free Poslaju shipping. Today, I receive my Casio watch. It arrive by Poslaju in a nice packaging. I will show the images of the opening process of the package.

23 October 2011

My First Nanoblock (Grand Piano)

I came across with the ActionCity booth at City Square Johor today, and I found this very nice block toy called nanoblock. It is very similar to Lego building block, but the difference the size of this nanobloc is smaller compare to Lego. You can visit its official site at http://www.diablock.co.jp/nanoblock/ for more information about it (the site is in japanese, you can use this google translate link for the translation to english: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.diablock.co.jp%2Fnanoblock%2F). 

I bought this nanoblock Grand Piano package for RM27.9 (standard pricing for this package is RM32.9, but they gave RM5 discount for the promotion period).

21 October 2011

Acer HS244HQ 3D LCD Monitor

I just received the Acer HS244HQ LCD Monitor (not belong to me). We bought it for a research project in UTM. Basically the research project requires a 3D capable monitor to display some 3D graphics. This monitor will be connected to Dell Alienware M11x via HDMI 1.4a port, which is available in this monitor and also M11x. From what I found, HDMI 1.4a is the latest technologies in HDMI that allows the PC/Laptop to transfer 3D Stereoscopic contain to the monitor using single HDMI communication. Most of the 3D LCD Monitor use Dual DVI link for the 3D contain, but only few models like this Acer HS244HQ uses HDMI 1.4a for the 3D contain (thats the reason we choose this model).

20 October 2011

How to: Install Google Chrome on ubuntu 11.10 (64-bit)

I just finish installing a fresh copy of Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit. One of my first thing to do is to install Google Chrome.

How to: Ubuntu Automount a Drive on Startup

One thing ubuntu is different compare to Windows is ubuntu do not automatically mount all the partition/drive on the system during startup. Under the file explorer for ubuntu, you can click on any drive to mount it, and you can also unmount it anytime you want. There will be problems when you have an application that is auto start with your ubuntu and that application need to access the files under the unmounted drive.

To solve this problem, you can configure the drive to automount everytime your ubuntu started. Run this command under your terminal to install Storage Device Manager:
sudo apt-get install pysdm
After the installation completed run Storage Device Manager from Unity (press Super key and type Storage Device Manager).

19 October 2011

ubuntu 11.10 Installing ATI Driver FGLRX

My laptop, Dell 1555, comes with the graphic card ATI 4570. After having the fresh install of ubuntu 10.11, it pop out an installation for additional Drivers, which are asking me to install the driver for my graphic card. There are 2 available options:
  • ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver (post-release updates)
  • ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver
One with post-release updates, and one without. After searching for which one to install, I found this page, http://askubuntu.com/questions/66707/differences-between-the-2-fglrx-graphics-drivers

From that page, one of the answer says that the one with 'post release updates' will install Catalyst 11.9 (latest version) and the one without 'post release updates' will install Catalyst 11.8, and there has been issues with the 11.9 driver with Unity.

The safest bet is to install the Catalyst 11.8 (the one without 'post release updates').

Hope the installation goes well and the new driver can improve the performance of my ubuntu.

I Just Install Latest ubuntu 11.10 64-bit

I just complete the installation of ubuntu 11.10 on my laptop, and currently writing this article using preinstalled firefox browser. For me I always like to try out different OS, latest Windows 8, ubuntu, and I even tried out hackintosh previously when I am still using desktop PC.

This new version of ubuntu, I will say the outlook is quite nice, with the new unity feature by ubuntu. For the functionality, I am still exploring, and hope that one day I will be able to write some application for ubuntu. I believe in the future, everyone will be using open source OS and open source application.

18 October 2011

Criminal Penguins

Watch the video, they are very cute! The way they walk, carry the rock and also the way they try to steal the rock. Funny animal video..

16 October 2011

Real Steel is AWESOME!!

I just watched Real Steel, its AWESOME!! Some wallpaper and screenshot from the movie (click on it to view the exact size), please let me know if I violet any kind of image copyright, I just get it from google image, don't sue me.. You can watch the official trailer at the bottom of this article.

13 October 2011

Casio EF-341L-1AV

Wish to get a new watch, and found this:

  • Multiple-dial designDistinctive large retrograde dial between 3 and 6 o’clock
  • Stainless steel case
  • Genuine leather band
  • 100-meter water resistance
  • EDIFICE logo stamped on the crown, back cover, and buckle
  • Case / bezel material: Stainless steel
  • Genuine Leather Band
  • Triple-fold Buckle
  • 100-meter water resistance
  • Mineral Glass
  • Screw Lock Back
  • Partial ion plated
  • Retrograde dial
  • Regular timekeeping
  • Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute, second), 3 dials (24-hour, date, day)
  • Accuracy: ±20 seconds per month
  • Approx. battery life: 3 years on SR621SW
  • Size of case/total weight: 50.1 X 43.9 X 11.1 mm/80 g
I like the day indicator, half circle on the bottom right showing the day, especially the Red SUN day. From a forumer, I can get this watch at the price RM280. Hope to get one soon..

06 October 2011

Steve Jobs

Apple Visionary Steve Jobs passed away yesterday.

RIP, we will always remember you.

03 October 2011

Seems like Sony upgraded their NEX 5 to NEX 5N. Wish to get one soon..

05 September 2011

I Wanna Cry...

Found this photo under Facebook, very nice capture, at the right moment.

26 July 2011

Najib Razak Facebook Page Being Attacked

Malaysia current Prime Minister Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/najibrazak being attacked, and flooded by the "DIAMLAH" comment. Most of the people Like the page just to leave bad comment. This is sad for Malaysia.

24 July 2011

Link Between the Two

Found this image on one forum, its really very creative picture. A pencil and a cassette tape, and I believe its true that younger generation really never knows the link between the two.

18 June 2011

Must Not Sleep!!!

Found this funny photo that really match the text MUST NOT SLEEP!! Its like the owl really try to keep its eys open and force itself not to sleep..

14 June 2011

Apple Ipad 2 & Foxconn's Lies?

Saw this video on Facebook, shared by some friends. Is this really true? What is the real reason behind all these? It is really Apple fault? Or the Foxconn problem?

09 June 2011

Delicious Breakfast

Today we prepare a very special breakfast, consists of red onion, cabbage, crab meat and fish nugget.

04 June 2011

My Marimos' Photosynthesis

I put some crystal stone into the my Marimos' jar. 

Leave it under my table lamp for around 1 hour, and the bubble start to form around the top of Marimos where it receive most of the light. I believe they are doing Photosynthesis.

Top views of the Marimos in the jar.

28 May 2011

I Received My Marimos

I just received my Marimos. Pos laju is really fast, sent yesterday (Friday) and receive today (Saturday).

They come in nice packing.

Dried, and pack in plastic.

And they really look just like how they are in pictures.

Comparing the size of the Marimos in my palm.

Found a glass bottle for them, but seems like the bottle is too small for them. Will keep looking for better home for them.

27 May 2011

Cute Little Green Ball, Marimo

For those who never heard about Marimo, it is actually a green seaweed ball found in Akan Lake in Japan. You can read to know what is it here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marimo) or here (http://www.marimoballs.com/). I like the story from second link.

This is how they looks like (images found from google image):

More photos after the Read More.

26 May 2011

Funny Conversation Between Human and Talking Dog

This is a must watch movie, they put a voice for the dog and made a funny conversation between human and dog! Thumbs up!

20 May 2011

I Receive my Arduino Uno and FEZ Domino

I just received my Arduino UNO and FEZ Domino I ordered few days ago.

They are actually quite small in size. I can fit both of them on my palm.

10 May 2011

Terrible Fall During a Race, But...

Never stop when you fall, get up and continue the race. Very motivated video!!

High Five for First Kiss

I watch it like 5 times, very cute boy and girl, having their 1st kiss.

05 May 2011

Yummy Bao by My Mum

Just ate 2 Big, homemade, yummy, vegetable flavoured (with egg) Bao by my mum (thanks mum!).

What I can say is my mum is really a talented cook, she bake nice cake, nice Bao, and food by her is always very delicious.

I am not sure about the ingredient, I am not the one who bake it, I am the one who eat (Yeah!!). Got egg inside, and the taste is good, can't find it outside.

Talented Girl Play 3 Types of Musical Instrument

林逸欣, Taiwan, play 3 types of musical instrument at the same time, Piano, Violin and Guzheng. Thumbs up!!

04 May 2011

Re-spray Rusty Tweezer

I have a tweezer, quite old and rusty, but it is very "solid" tweezer that is perfect for SMD soldering. It actually belongs to my grandfather, and I think he made it himself, and its really a nice tweezer. But it is quite rusty, and I feel like I need to wash my hand every time after I use it. So, I decide to respray the tweezer using white paint spray (use it previously for my model toy car).

30 April 2011

Embarrassing Malaysia Banner

Wen Jiabao, current Premier of China pay a visit to Malaysia, and of course our Najib will have to welcome him, and they set up a big banner/signboard stating that Malaysia is welcoming the Premier of China visit to Malaysia, and belows are some photo during the event.