30 April 2011

Embarrassing Malaysia Banner

Wen Jiabao, current Premier of China pay a visit to Malaysia, and of course our Najib will have to welcome him, and they set up a big banner/signboard stating that Malaysia is welcoming the Premier of China visit to Malaysia, and belows are some photo during the event.

28 April 2011

You Agree with 1Malaysia Email????

Recently, Najib launch the 1Malaysia Email, said to be available for all Malaysian, RM 50 Million project (he say not using Malaysian money wor, you believe a?), and each email sent by government will be charge RM0.5 (how many % of this will be directed into his pocket?)? There are free email services all over the internet, why our stupid government want to choose the one with RM0.5 per email. I believe every rakyat that use internet, knows or even sign up for free email from the internet, hotmail, gmail, yahoo, linuxmail, (lots of them).

I remember from the presentation in TV news, they said that the service including "digitizing" our bills, and send them to our email. Ok, I have one question, all our telephone bills, water bills, electric bills, before they are being print out and sent to our house, what is the form of the bills? Let me answer this, they are stored digitally in computer/server, they are generated using a computer. The bills is not written by hand. Please la, we are not fool. By sending the bills in digital form to emails, the cost of printing is actually being omitted, and they should not charge RM0.5 for each email.

Talking about the security, will it be safer than Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo? Confirm??

25 April 2011

Change Your Words, Change Your World

Nice demonstration on how same meaning words have different effects. Very meaningful, "It's a beautiful day and I can't see".

21 April 2011

DAP Supporter Spotted

Haha, rocket UP UP!

Our Rosmah Can Sing!

Found this from Facebook, a MTV featuring DP Seri Rosmah Mansor (Malaysia PM's wife) singing "If Tomorrow Never Comes". The Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PmAy81VSjQ (I can't embed the video here because video embedding is being disabled by the owner (uploader) of the video).

According to the owner (Youtube uploader), seems like the video is a bit sensitive, and might be remove from Youtube, so, I can't guarantee that the video is still there at the time you read this.

Below are some printscreen of the video (in case you didn't have the chance to watch it):

19 April 2011

Very Nice Buddhism Lessons

师:如果影印件上面有错字,您是改影印件还是改原稿? (场内立刻响起雷鸣掌声。后有人答道:改原稿。 )
师:应该原稿和影印件同时改,才是最好。 ◎ 父母是原稿,家庭是影印机,孩子是影印件。 ◎ 孩子是父母的未来,父母更是孩子的未来。

众: (惊呀地) 师父,五百块怎么能买到汽车呢?!

How to Cheer Up

Feeling sad and down, due to something...

Type "how to cheer up" at google and found this:

16 April 2011

More Photos About Sarawak Elections (from Facebook)

Some info about how rich our Mr Taib is:

Looking at the BN banner: "Vote BN to Keep Free Education at KLT". We should never be fool by BN again. It is not suppose to vote BN to keep the free education. BN must 1st keep the free education, then only peoples will vote for BN. Like what Najib says during Sibu By-Election (May 2010): "if you deliver me Robert Lau on Sunday, on Monday I will ask the cheque (5 million) to be prepared. Boleh tak?". We are now the voters, we are the one that should say, "hey, Najib, if you prepare the cheque (5 million) before Saturday, on Sunday we will consider to vote Robert Lau". We are the one who has the power to vote, the power of rakyat. As a respond to the banner bellow, "Najib, BN, or Mr Taib, if you keep the free education at KLT, we will consider (only consider) to maybe vote for BN!".

I am not sure where the image below is captured, someone post this on Facebook, that BN gives Lucky Draw with RM100 in it. Doesn't this a bribe? Thousands of Sarawak people know about this, and I believe there are plenty of prove that BN do gives money to gain more vote, but why BN (current Malaysia government) can still do this? Where is SPRM (Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia)? Our current Malaysia government BN is giving RASUAH to people of Sarawak, thousands of rasuah in Sarawak right now!!! Where is SPRM?? $@$%@%$#$%^%^

15 April 2011

Change Government for Sarawak is POSSIBLE

Lots of people says, it is hard to really pull down BN, they still have a lot of supporter in Sarawak. I'll say it is different today. In this modern world, more news and multimedia is easily spread through internet, Facebook, Youtube, that we can easily sees lots of information that is not reported by our TV and Newspaper. Image belows is taken from Facebook, that shows the very crowded streets for the DAP politic talk in Bintulu. I am quite sure this image will never appear in our TV or Newspaper.

Malaysia TV and Newspaper is fully controlled by BN, and all the news is being filtered. In these few days, they only reports on their BN politic talk in Sarawak, how it receive "good" respond from the rakyat. Talking about good respond, they actually RASUAH our rakyat to get the good respond. These are all unwritten agreement, that every person who goes to BN politic talk will actually receive some money in return. I heard of RM16 angpau will be given if you go to BN politic talk in Stutong Kuching last few days. So, you will have to give your name to a so call agent, and gather at some place for the BN politic talk. They even give free 1Malaysia t-shirt to all the participant, and free coupon that you can redeem breakfast at the food court there. Then at the night, the TV will report that BN politic talk is receiving "good" respond from the rakyat.

Another photo of crowded people for PR talk in Kuching, also taken from facebook. I don't have much info on this photo.

The last one is a joke from BN. Nice one! How we can put our undi to someone that is fail in spelling?

Another photo from Facebook showing the big crowd supporter for DAP.

Lets sleep earlier tonight, wake up earlier tomorrow to vote for DAP, PKR or any NON-BN parties. JOM UBAH..

13 April 2011

Taib to retire?

Read about the newspaper cutting on Facebook, shared by one of my friend.

Thats the best resolution for the newspaper cutting I can find on the internet, if you have higher resolution scan, please send it to my email, jdx7071@gmail.com.

So, the newspaper cutting is about Mr Taib saying that he is going to retire in five years, dated at 1995. It means that he said that he will retire in five years 16 years ago. His so call retirement is already 11 years expired. Recently there are also rumors saying that he will retired after the coming elections, I'll say BULLSHIT. More report about his bullshit retirement here:




Rosmah Stays in RM100K per Night Hotel

This is how our current government waste our country money?

Semakan Daftar Pemilih for Sarawakian

I am not sure if you know about this, but if you haven't check your voting detail, please visit: http://daftarj2.spr.gov.my/ to check for all related information.

Key in your IC Number and click on SEMAK.

If you are registered, then you should have all the information listed there.

10 April 2011

A Boy Growing Up

Found this image from http://tieupalittlegoat.blogspot.com/2011/01/once-upon-time.html, I am not sure what to say about that image, just feel that the image is very meaningful/creative, I don't know...

I think its a painting by Toti Cerda, more info here: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-gallery-genesis.html. These are another 2 that I like:

08 April 2011

Taiwanese Media False Report about Malaysia Police Car Pursuit

I watch this video in Facebook about Taiwanese Media reporting a Malaysia police car pursuit. They are saying that the car pursuit video clip is famous on the internet.

The funny thing here is the car pursuit video clip is actually a Malaysia movie, which is called Lu Langsi Lu Mati. The trailer for the movie:

So, medias also made mistake sometimes..

DAP Candidates for Kuching Region


Paksaan Menghadiri Program

I just read about this Paksaan Menghadiri Program at this link: http://election.sarawakreport.org/report/paksaan-menghadiri-program.

It is indeed very true, lots of my friend, work as teacher in primary school are force to go to different programs, and its like a "wajib hadir" stuff. Event the school have to end earlier for the program. Later at the night the event will be reported in news with "good respond from people" included in the report. In fact all the people is being forced to attend the event.

Each time before an election, all the medias, which is controlled by our government (BN) report very bias news which are all saying how good is the BN, the development by BN in our country, the BN representative talks, bad stuff about parti pembangkang and etc. I remember the news report on how Anwar talks doesn't receive good respond from peoples in Sarawak few days ago.

These are all not fair. We, as the rakyat have to be very careful reading or watching the news reported by the medias, especially TV and Newspaper.

SarawakReport.org or SarawakReportS.org ??

I believe most of Sarawakian heard about SarawakReport, or even read from www.sarawakreport.org:

SarawakReport.org is basically a site specifically reporting news from Sarawak, without any control from Malaysia/Sarawak government. So, what we can see from the site is truly unfiltered news, without any bias to any parties.

Since it is reporting the true news, which would be something bad about Sarawak government (which is the truth), as a fight back from Taib Gang (Sarawak government), they are creating this website called SarawakReportS.org which is intended to confuse and hide the real SarawakReport.org and reporting all the news biasing on BN. This is the homepage:

They even use Google AdWords to advertise the site for the keyword "Sarawak Report":

So, for all Sarawakian, please read from the genuine www.SarawakReport.org, and don't fall for Taib's trick on www.SarawakReportS.org..

You can read on about this the Google AdWords stuff reported at SarawakReport here: http://election.sarawakreport.org/report/paying-publicity

06 April 2011

Mr Taib in Bintangor Updates

Today (6th April 2011), Mr Taib in Bintangor for the operating ceremony for SMK Kai Chung Stadium construction.

These photos is taken around 4-5pm at the time the ceremony started. Remember this ceremony and open our eyes to see if they really build the stadium for SMK Kai Chung.. (Taib, we are watching you!)

So, after so many years of lies after lies, I really hope that all Sarawakian can wake up and stop believing BN and Mr Taib. PLEASE VOTE FOR NON-BN PARTIES and kick Taib out from Sarawak!

05 April 2011


Creative song about the famous "white hair", and sadly the content is very true....

Last Minute Development by BN (TAIB) in Sarawak

This photo was taken on 5th April 2011, which is 9 days before the Sarawak Election (16th April 2011). You can see that there are 2 canopies setup in the middle of an empty land, and according to our Mr Taib, he will build a stadium for SMK Kai Chung there. FYI, SMK Kai Chung is a secondary school in town area of Bintangor (I was a student there, years ago), and there will be an opening ceremony by Mr Taib for the Stadium construction tomorrow (8 days before Sarawak Election).

According to the friend of mine in Bintangor, they start the land clearing, sand pouring on that piece of empty land few days ago, and the canopy setup today. I am going to repeat this: they start clearing the land few days ago, and the opening ceremony for the Stadium construction will be held tomorrow, which is also 8 days before the Sarawak election. Why can't he do it earlier? There is no news, rumors, planning about the Stadium construction months ago and suddenly, why now? Doesn't this sound fishy? 

I live in Bintangor from year 1984 until 2000, and I will say that this is one of BN's way of cheating people and win their heart to vote for them. I am not sure about this SMK Kai Chung Stadium (let see if they do it or not after the election), but there is a story I am going to tell about the TAR College in Bintangor. 

When I was a kid, still in primary school, I heard people saying that government will built a TAR College in Bintangor, and I remember they start clearing the land at that time. I have this imagination in myself that most probably I will be able to continue my study in this TAR College of Bintangor. After some time, I am not sure why, people are saying that the project is being postponed for some reason. And these process keep repeating. I don't understand why when I was a kid, but I start to learn that this is the trick played by our government and Mr Taib to fool us. Each time before an election, they will start doing something, most probably involve lorries, and they will make it look like they are rushing to complete the project. And every time (yes, I am very sure EVERY TIME) after the election, even thought BN representative is elected, the project stop, for some reason (lots of different reason each time). 

3 years back, at the 2008 election, same process, lorries start to move carrying sand, non stop work, big spotlight at night, at that "TAR College" construction site. I remember people are saying that "THIS TIME IS REAL". And exactly after the "THIS TIME IS REAL" election, it stop, as usual. This time they blame PR for causing the project to be ended (I forgot the detail of their excuse).

So, the reason I am writing this is to wake all of us up, that never ever believe on what BN or Mr Taib is promising to our Sarawak. The TAR College story is in Bintangor, and I believe there are thousands of promise said by them in different area of Sarawak. Stop believing to what they say and try to see what we have in Sarawak today. What has been done in these 50 years (1957-today)? Try to compare our Sarawak (full of natural resources, woods, petroleum) with Singapore (small island) and Brunei. What in Sarawak that we can say we are proud of?

For all Sarawakian, please come home to vote to non-BN parties, and stop Mr Taib from sucking up the whole Sarawak. Who doesn't know that the Pek Mo is sucking up all our money?

(click for larger image)
Even Mr Google knows....

INCITE Connection- Inspirational - Think!

Nice motivation video! Do it when you have the idea..

03 April 2011

The Magic of Thinking BIG

I just bought this book, for RM 46.70. Actually I read this book sometime ago, and it gave me the "BIG thinking" that help me did some BIG decisions, and BIG stuffs. But after sometime, seems like the "BIG" effect has wear out, and I really hope by re-read this book, I can find back the "BIG thinking", be confident of what I am doing right now and work harder towards my dreams.