30 April 2011

Embarrassing Malaysia Banner

Wen Jiabao, current Premier of China pay a visit to Malaysia, and of course our Najib will have to welcome him, and they set up a big banner/signboard stating that Malaysia is welcoming the Premier of China visit to Malaysia, and belows are some photo during the event.

If you look careful at the banner, the line goes by this "Istiadat Sambutan Rasmi Sempena Lawatan Rasmi TYT Wen Jiabao Ke Malaysia". There is nothing wrong about the Bahasa Malaysia line, but if you look at the Chinese/Mandarin line, "正式欢迎仪式,与他一起温家宝阁下的正式访问马来西亚". If you understand Mandarin, the whole line is a mess. From my understanding the translation of the Mandarin line to english will be "Official Welcome Ceremony, Together With Him TYT Wen Jiabao's Officially Interview Malaysia". The whole line is poorer than what a Chinese primary student can do, I believe the directly translate the line from Bahasa Malaysia to Mandarin using some translation software.

What is the different of Malaysia with those funny chinese signboard we sees?

The banner is really embarrassing, especially when it is use in the welcome ceremony for TYT Wen Jiabao, sort like reflect Malaysia to China. This is how Malaysia welcome China? For those who prepare the banner, please don't ever use translation software for signboard/banner. There are lots of Mandarin educated people in Malaysia, why can they just find some human to do the translation?

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