21 April 2011

Our Rosmah Can Sing!

Found this from Facebook, a MTV featuring DP Seri Rosmah Mansor (Malaysia PM's wife) singing "If Tomorrow Never Comes". The Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PmAy81VSjQ (I can't embed the video here because video embedding is being disabled by the owner (uploader) of the video).

According to the owner (Youtube uploader), seems like the video is a bit sensitive, and might be remove from Youtube, so, I can't guarantee that the video is still there at the time you read this.

Below are some printscreen of the video (in case you didn't have the chance to watch it):

After watching this video, my 1st thought is, what this woman really want? I believe she is rich enough right now (I don't want to discuss how she become that rich, staying in RM100k per night hotel), now what? She wants to be a star? A singer? What she really want? She is already very famous around the world, since her cold blood comment on the Japan earthquake. 

Lets have a look on some of the comment for this video (Those are all printscreen, and its a bit long, skip it if you don't wish to read.):

Seriously, try to take some time reading all these comments, or it is better if you can read from the Youtube page. These are all the voice from people of Malaysia, looking at the number of like and dislike, doesn't she knows how much the people of Malaysia hate her? Why she still wants to do so much stuff to let people hate her? I can't think of any other PM's wife that did what she did... Just SHUT UP and stay at your kitchen!

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