08 April 2011

Paksaan Menghadiri Program

I just read about this Paksaan Menghadiri Program at this link: http://election.sarawakreport.org/report/paksaan-menghadiri-program.

It is indeed very true, lots of my friend, work as teacher in primary school are force to go to different programs, and its like a "wajib hadir" stuff. Event the school have to end earlier for the program. Later at the night the event will be reported in news with "good respond from people" included in the report. In fact all the people is being forced to attend the event.

Each time before an election, all the medias, which is controlled by our government (BN) report very bias news which are all saying how good is the BN, the development by BN in our country, the BN representative talks, bad stuff about parti pembangkang and etc. I remember the news report on how Anwar talks doesn't receive good respond from peoples in Sarawak few days ago.

These are all not fair. We, as the rakyat have to be very careful reading or watching the news reported by the medias, especially TV and Newspaper.

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