28 May 2011

I Received My Marimos

I just received my Marimos. Pos laju is really fast, sent yesterday (Friday) and receive today (Saturday).

They come in nice packing.

Dried, and pack in plastic.

And they really look just like how they are in pictures.

Comparing the size of the Marimos in my palm.

Found a glass bottle for them, but seems like the bottle is too small for them. Will keep looking for better home for them.

27 May 2011

Cute Little Green Ball, Marimo

For those who never heard about Marimo, it is actually a green seaweed ball found in Akan Lake in Japan. You can read to know what is it here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marimo) or here (http://www.marimoballs.com/). I like the story from second link.

This is how they looks like (images found from google image):

More photos after the Read More.

26 May 2011

Funny Conversation Between Human and Talking Dog

This is a must watch movie, they put a voice for the dog and made a funny conversation between human and dog! Thumbs up!

20 May 2011

I Receive my Arduino Uno and FEZ Domino

I just received my Arduino UNO and FEZ Domino I ordered few days ago.

They are actually quite small in size. I can fit both of them on my palm.

10 May 2011

Terrible Fall During a Race, But...

Never stop when you fall, get up and continue the race. Very motivated video!!

High Five for First Kiss

I watch it like 5 times, very cute boy and girl, having their 1st kiss.

05 May 2011

Yummy Bao by My Mum

Just ate 2 Big, homemade, yummy, vegetable flavoured (with egg) Bao by my mum (thanks mum!).

What I can say is my mum is really a talented cook, she bake nice cake, nice Bao, and food by her is always very delicious.

I am not sure about the ingredient, I am not the one who bake it, I am the one who eat (Yeah!!). Got egg inside, and the taste is good, can't find it outside.

Talented Girl Play 3 Types of Musical Instrument

林逸欣, Taiwan, play 3 types of musical instrument at the same time, Piano, Violin and Guzheng. Thumbs up!!

04 May 2011

Re-spray Rusty Tweezer

I have a tweezer, quite old and rusty, but it is very "solid" tweezer that is perfect for SMD soldering. It actually belongs to my grandfather, and I think he made it himself, and its really a nice tweezer. But it is quite rusty, and I feel like I need to wash my hand every time after I use it. So, I decide to respray the tweezer using white paint spray (use it previously for my model toy car).