04 May 2011

Re-spray Rusty Tweezer

I have a tweezer, quite old and rusty, but it is very "solid" tweezer that is perfect for SMD soldering. It actually belongs to my grandfather, and I think he made it himself, and its really a nice tweezer. But it is quite rusty, and I feel like I need to wash my hand every time after I use it. So, I decide to respray the tweezer using white paint spray (use it previously for my model toy car).

I start off at the tip of the tweezer that I can still hold the tweezer with my hand while I apply the spray. I try my best to apply the spray to the inner part of the tweezer as well.

I use the soldering helper + magnet to hold it dry, leaving it for about 30 minutes.

Then I continue spraying the whole tweezer with a slide knife holding it.

After around 2 hour:

After it is fully dried, it look like plastic tweezer, whole white tweezer..

Like it very much.

Before and after comparison:

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