23 June 2011

Very Nice Talk by a 22 Years Old Gangster

Very nice video, very touching.

18 June 2011

Must Not Sleep!!!

Found this funny photo that really match the text MUST NOT SLEEP!! Its like the owl really try to keep its eys open and force itself not to sleep..

14 June 2011

Apple Ipad 2 & Foxconn's Lies?

Saw this video on Facebook, shared by some friends. Is this really true? What is the real reason behind all these? It is really Apple fault? Or the Foxconn problem?

09 June 2011

Delicious Breakfast

Today we prepare a very special breakfast, consists of red onion, cabbage, crab meat and fish nugget.

04 June 2011

My Marimos' Photosynthesis

I put some crystal stone into the my Marimos' jar. 

Leave it under my table lamp for around 1 hour, and the bubble start to form around the top of Marimos where it receive most of the light. I believe they are doing Photosynthesis.

Top views of the Marimos in the jar.