23 October 2011

My First Nanoblock (Grand Piano)

I came across with the ActionCity booth at City Square Johor today, and I found this very nice block toy called nanoblock. It is very similar to Lego building block, but the difference the size of this nanobloc is smaller compare to Lego. You can visit its official site at http://www.diablock.co.jp/nanoblock/ for more information about it (the site is in japanese, you can use this google translate link for the translation to english: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.diablock.co.jp%2Fnanoblock%2F). 

I bought this nanoblock Grand Piano package for RM27.9 (standard pricing for this package is RM32.9, but they gave RM5 discount for the promotion period).

I tried building the grand piano, following it step by step guide included in the package, and after around 5 minutes, I have my completed nano size grand piano:

Comparison size for the grand piano with my glasses. It is actually quite small.

The first impression about these nanoblock is they are really small, and as how they advertise it, it allows the user to build more detail model. The overall  build quality is quite good for that size. One thing to highlight about the nanoblock package is they actually give extra building block in the package. Means that you will still have around 20++ extra building block even after you completed the Grand Piano. These nanoblock, I will say it is not very suitable for children due to its size. I think it is design for adult as a miniature size item/model for display purposes. For me it will be a very good collectable stuff/toy. Hope to get more other package in the future.


My first custom built item, an aeroplane (please don't laugh, this is my 1st custom nanoblock model):

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