18 February 2012

Malaysia did it AGAIN!!

Again, Malaysia government fail in translating texts from Bahasa Malaysia to Chinese/Mandarin. If you still remember about this: http://jdx7071.blogspot.com/2011/04/embarrassing-malaysia-banner.html, this time, they did it on a road safety brochure. 

Pandu, Tunggang dan Jalan Dengan Selamat
开车,骑马和道路的时候 请 安全
(the mandarin text means: driving, riding horse and road  please  safe)

Malaysia Selamat Wawasan Kita Bersama
(the mandarin text means: protect our common ideal's Malaysia)

Anda Mampu Mengubahnya
(the mandarin text means: if you think you can change)

This brochure really embarrassed ("mensiasuikan") the whole Malaysia. Why they never learn from their previous mistake. Any secondary chinese student will be good enough to do the translation. 

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