04 March 2012

Cruel Malaysia Policeman!

I get this from facebook:


Google English translation:

Is the police! !
Because my brother did not bring the helmet, he kicked my brother's motorbike. Ticket no problem! Why should my 14-year-old brother to make such behavior? !
Harm to my brother in a coma, neck hemorrhage, neck twisted to the hanging, head bruises bleeding, ear bleeding, stitches! There is also the body has some wounds.
A result, the police also claim that, my brother hit him, and he kicked my brother. Fortunate to have three good-hearted people as witnesses! Very grateful to you for the help. .
We have now hired a lawyer to carry out his the police! Even YB Wu Pools say the police to stay in the East A is the scourge! Because he not only so that my brother, who is also guilty of many times such a similar case.
Also hope that everyone in his behavior (East A of the police!) This share out! Thank you. .

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