28 April 2012

Bersih 3.0 (2012-04-28 3:17pm)

Source from Curi-curi Wang Malaysia:
"A round of tear gas fired at protestor who are at the Jalan TAR-Jalan Tun Perak junction. The police also unleashed chemical-laced water from its water-cannon truck stationed there.
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Estimated 75,000 in City Centre:

妙贊法師 —— 出現引起民眾的注意,大家爭相和她拍照留念:

Bersih is not all about Policemen VS Rakyat:

Bersih at Melaka, Dataran Pahlawan:

Bersih, Bersih, Hidup Bersih!

Crowd from Masjid Negara:

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