18 November 2012

Ferrari Model LEGO® Collection

Shell and Ferrari recently team up with LEGO Group to create a very nice set of Ferrari model collection. Click on the link above for more information about the model collection.

One of my 5 years old nephew is recently having his holiday in my house. So, I've decided to get one of the Ferrari for him (he likes cars). I fill up my car at Shell station, RM40++, and get a Ferrari F1 model for RM12.90.

The packaging of the Ferrari model, front.

Back. Take note that it has the "Ferrari official product" sticker at the back of the packaging.

Inside the package, LEGO bricks always has its qualities.

They even have a dedicated box for the sticker.

The step by step guide, very easy to understand. Even my 5 years old nephew also has no problem putting the bricks together.

The building process.

For the sticker parts, I do help to make sure that the sticker sticks to the correct spot.

The finished Ferrari.

The bottom of the Ferrari.

Ferrari, vroom vroom...

My nephew like it very much. For me, the model really worth RM12.90, the quality of the building brick is very good, solid and tight. I think the most fun part is the building part where the model slowly "show up" when bricks are being connected one by one.


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