02 January 2013

USB Hub Replacement

Happy 2012 New Year to everyone. Yesterday was not a very good day for me. While working on my circuit board, I accidentally shorted the 24V power to GND on it and spoiled my 7 port USB hub and MSO-28 Oscilloscope. I am not sure how it actually spoiled the USB hub and Oscilloscope, but I think it is something to do with the high voltage and the EMF stuff.

Luckily for the MSO-28 Oscilloscope, I found out that the fuse blew. After replace the fuse, the oscilloscope come back alive.

But my USB Hub was not that lucky. I check its board, and found out that the 3.3V regulator (LM1117-3.3) spoiled, no 3.3V out from that regulator. So, I replace it with LM2940-3.3 (I only have this in my component box), but the USB hub is still dead. I guess the controller IC somehow burned and it is time for a new USB hub. The USB hub had been with me for around 2 years.

Browsing for USB hub, I found this:

It is a 7 port USB hub by D-Link, more information here (http://www.dlink.com/us/en/home-solutions/connect/usb-hubs/dub-h7-7-port-usb-2-0-hub). I place my order through lelong.com.my, the price is RM86.50 including shipping.

Will update about its performance once I receive the item.

Update 2013 01 05

I received the D-Link USB hub from the seller, everything in the package seems good. D-link got its quality compare to cheap USB hub in the market.

As for the previous spoiled USB hub, I finally found the way to utilize it. I convert it into power distribution for all my USB charging device. In my room, I has an android phone, iphone, broadband modem, and a LED lighting for my small aquarium. So, it is useful that I can eliminate all the charger plug for these devices, and use only 1 modified USB hub for the power distribution. Now on my desk, I has one power distribution hub (on the left), and one USB hub (right).

The inside of the spoiled USB hub before the modification.

I removed all the components on the board. Leave only the USB Ports, Power Port, Power LED & its resistor, and the the 5V Capacitors. Becareful not to short any tracks on it.

Also, I shorted the signal pin on all the USB port D+ and D-. This is to trigger the charge mode in some devices (sort like telling the devices that it is connected to charger, not a computer). I use multimeter to make sure that all the connection is not shorted, 5V not shorted to GND, or any D+ and D-.

Then I glue back the casing, and use it as a power distribution unit. Everything seems to work nicely, the current supply from the previous power supply is good enough for all my devices.


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