28 June 2013

History of www.watchaquarium.com

I was cleaning up our old home server that was meant for file sharing among house mates. And I found a huge folder with the photos of our previous website called www.watchaquarium.com.

Few years back (to be exact June 2010), we created a site call Watch Aquarium, where we setup an aquarium with some fishes (gold fish, guppy and etc..), a webcam pointing towards the aquarium and a server that will automatically publish the captured images every 10 seconds to the site.

The idea of the whole setup is to let our website visitor submit messages that will be display at the sticky note published at the back of the Aquarium. (free of charge) We planned to publish some Google Adsense on the site to cover the expenses and running cost of the running the setup.

Upon introduction to our friends, publishing through social networks, we do receive some number of messages.

After a period of time, we decided to shutdown the site. The respond is not very good, and we are also tied to other stuff.. And that's the very short history of www.watchaquarium.com.

We are still keeping the domain, that maybe one day we will reactivate the site.

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  1. I always wanted to watch this movie. The dialogue is great and quite relatable as well. Some people are always a little hesitant in getting help from others. I am going to use this quote from now on lol.